Klepetan Returns Home as Croatia’s Remarkable Love Story Goes On

The romantic tale of Storks Klepetan and Malena have caught the hearts of many in Croatia for a long time now. The two storks made their home in Brodski Varos in eastern Croatia over two decades ago. 


Клепетан и Малена


Each winter during the previous 16 years Klepetan would leave Croatia and advance over 13,000 km to the hotter atmospheres of Africa.


Ten years in a row, Cletethan returned to the same date (March 24) at the same time, but in recent years he arrived late. The biggest delay by the stork was 18 days.


While he is not here, Stjepan Vokic take care  for his love. He also take care for their little storks, for now they have 54.


Credit: http://www.femina.mk

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