Porsche’s EV lead takes shots at Tesla while hyping the Mission E


Porsche's Mission E it will be ready for launch next year, 2019.

Porsche EV lead Stefan Weckbach told a group of journalists that Porsche, unlike Tesla,  is developing its car as a performance vehicle that can maintain top speed and reproduce acceleration reliably, specifically calling out Tesla’s vehicles’ ability to do 0 to 60 in under 3 seconds “only twice – the third attempt will fail,” reports Autoblog.

He also said  that vehicle will be able to quick-charge, aging back 250 miles of range during a 20 minute charging session, though that will take a lot of infrastructure expansion in the U.S. and abroad.

The North America chief Klaus Zellmer told that the company is equipping all 189 of its US dealerships with 800-volt high-speed chargers, and is working with "other organizations" on a network of charging stations.


Credit: https://techcrunch.com

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