Stay safe in the digital world


We prepare for you few usefull tips that will help you to stay safe in the cyber space.


1. Use a strong and unique password that is a combination of letters and numbers


2. Install security software to help protect against viruses and malware and update regularly


3. Avoid public Wi-Fi networks for transactions that require your personal details


4. Stay with trusted websites and mobile apps


5. Keep the algorithms guessing. 

ex: It's enticing to simply let the following Youtube video auto play as opposed to clicking. Yet, is it extremely so difficult to tap on something and be somewhat more erratic?


6. Be more mindful. 

Keep in mind that, when you're on the web, somebody's continually watching. Simply being aware of this is a decent propensity to get into. Avoid open sharing, permitting applications access to your address book and the various ways we carelessly let our lives open up to interruption. The world will just develop carefully more digitally connected, we should all be more mindful of our security. 


7.  Be wary of clicking on pop-ups.


8. Lock your smartphone or tablet with a PIN

Secret key or complex swipe to limit access to your device should it be lost or stolen.






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