The internet is reshaping by the new Europe’s privacy rule



Looking back in the past few months, it may seen a lot of privacy policies changed. A lot of organizations are updating terms, rewriting contracts in preparation for a big shift in the legal space. The EU introducet new rule, setting the phase for how organizations share and manage personal information about users. Named as the General Data Protection Regulation, that only applies to EU citizens. Having in mind the global nature of the internet means that nearly every online service is affected, and the regulation has already resulted in significant changes for US users as companies while adapting it. 


The rule expands in two crucial ways. Firstly getting user information will not be easy as it used to be. Services require consent from users before they can gather their information.   The most extreme punishment per infringement is set at 4% of the organization's worldwide turnover or $20 million. If organizations felt lazy about executing the new policies, a major fine can get them on their feet. 


The companies have a deadline up until May 25th, 2018 before the rules take place. Changes will take place in the way how the data is collected,the level of transparency will be higher, the approach to data analytics and advertising will be subjected to reforms too. All organizations will need to make public their advertisement collaboratives, with whom they are sharing user information.




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