Twitter delays platform change that would cut off third-party applications



The people behind third-party Twitter customers Tweetbot, Twitterrific, Talon, and Tweetings are cautioning users that their applications could lose critical highlights like push notifications and an auto-refresh timetable in June.  The issue is that after June, Twitter will  be removing the “streaming services” that have empowered engineers to actualize these capacities in their applications.


It’s good news that Twitter is backing down, however there are yet open inquiries concerning whether its new Account Activity API is sufficiently powerful for third party Twitter applications to give a similar services they now offer. Twitter hasn't permitted outside engineers to take an interest in the beta testing of that API. It looks like third-party Twitter clients just won’t have any practical way of offering a live-updating timeline anymore.


They're bringing the issue now up with the expectation that Twitter will offer some sort of arrangement. That is presumably just going to happen if the organization hears enough complaints about yet another decision that, whatever the technical thinking may be, will end up  hampering the usefulness and and appeal of third-party Twitter clients. Some of these applications offer  native software on platforms that Twitter itself has chosen to abandon.


The application developers are worried that "numerous folks don’t understand that their most loved Twitter application is going to break, so mindfulness is the initial step. Together, we might have the capacity to get Twitter to constructively address this state of affairs before the June deadline.





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