What you need to know about horses

Photography by: Raphael Macek

Horses are amazing and beautiful creatures. They need love just like any other pet.  They are very sweet animals and have feelings just like us they need to be able to build trust.

Here are some amazing facts about horses.  

Which is your favourite?

  1. Horses can sleep standing up by locking their leg joints.
  2. Horses can run within hours after birth
  3. Horses and other equines have better senses of smell and hearing than humans. Their ears can turn in different directions to aid their hearing.
  4. A horse’s teeth never stop growing.
  5. The horse is one of the 12 Chinese signs of the zodiac. Anyone born in the year of the horse is seen to embody the characteristics of the animal, namely intelligence, independence and a free-spirit.
  6. The oldest animal carving ever found is of horse. It dates back 31,000 years in southern Germany.
  7. The horses’ closest relative is not the cow, pig, or goat–but the rhinoceros.
  8. The American quarter horse is the world’s most popular horse breed.
  9. A horse’s eyes are about 9 times larger than that of a human. In fact, horses have the largest eyes of any land mammal. They can also see nearly 360 degrees.
  10. Horses cannot breathe through their mouth, only through their nose.


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